Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Foy Vance "You And I"

Most every DJ at MVY will tell you that they've had this dream . . . the one where they're late for their shift, and all the buttons on the control board are broken, or the buttons are new and they don't know how to operate it, or the microphone is broken, or they try to speak and no sound comes out, or the record keeps skipping and they have to stall on the air, live, endlessly.

It's the DJ nightmare.

I'm sure every profession has its own nightmare.

I've never been a Record Promo person, but I imagine their nightmares go something like this.

They spend months preparing a promotional campaign to encourage radio to play their new artist Foy Vance.  And at the exact moment the promotion launches, another company starts promoting their artist, who's name is Vance Joy.

Every phone call they make to radio programmers goes like this:

"So have you heard the song I sent you from Foy Vance? . . . . . . No, not 'Riptide' . . . . . . . No, that's Vance Joy . . . he's a different guy . . . yes, a different guy, I'm talking about Foy Vance, not Vance Joy . . . yeah the names are similar, I know, but they are two different guys who sound nothing alike . . . if you just listen to the record you'll know . . . Foy Vance, that's the one I want you to hear . . . Yes I know, there is only a one letter difference between the two names . . . have you listen to Vance Joy, I mean, Foy Vance?"

Foy Vance, Vance Joy.

Seems like a joke, but it's not.

Listen to the two songs below.  Just based on their sound, there is no way you'd confuse the two artists.

But because of the name similarity, I know Record Promo folks who are having conversations like the one above, every day. 

They're living the nightmare.

Hear Foy Vance on Youtube.

Hear Vance Joy on Youtube.

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