Monday, February 10, 2014

Nickel Creek "Destination"

It was notable that at Newport Folk 2012, the 3 members of Nickel Creek were all on campus, but did not play together.  Chris Thile was performing with Punch Brothers; Sara Watkins was there as a solo act, with her brother Sean as part of her band.

At the time I said to myself, they'll probably play together, but not until the time is right, and now is not the time.

18 months later, now IS the time.

In the 9 years since their last record, collectively the 3 members of Nickel Creek have put out records under their individual names, and worked on projects as part of Fiction Family, Goat Rodeo, The Decemberists and WPA, as well as making guest appearances on many, many other projects.

All of this musical exploration can only mean great things, as the already talented and progressive members of Nickel Creek can return to the band with fresh ideas, perspective and confidence.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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