Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jennifer Trynin "Snow"

Here's another Weekend Post:
For those of you who've had kids home for Christmas vacation, and then had more time off due to the snowstorm, I suspect the madness is creeping in.  This is a deeper album cut off a record I listened to a whole bunch back in the mid-90s (the song "Better Than Nothing" was nationally successful, but particularly big in Boston, where she's from).  I'd always pull this one out when the cabin fever started to set it.

Hear "Snow" on Youtube.

Hear "Better Than Nothing" on Youtube.

Weekend posts are a chance to revisit songs that have happy memories, not of anything in particular, other than just hearing the tunes.

Many of these songs were tracks that I played during my 90s stint as an Alternative/Modern Rock radio show.  They're tunes that I hardly hear these days, but are fun to revisit.

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