Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Beatles "The End"

This is my 1,500th blog post for Every Day I Write The Blog.

Way back a year-and-a-half ago, I marked post #1,000 by saying that I didn't know how much longer I'd keep going.  I had to be running out of stories.

At the time, I may have underestimated how many untapped sources there were.  Turns out there were several hundred left.

But now, for reals, I think I've hit the pretty close to the end of what I can do with the original concept of this blog---or at least half of the original concept.

Part of the initial idea was to take a song and write about, "what does this song remind me of?" telling a personal story from the past.  At this point, I look at the notepad where I have kept a list of stories I'd like to tell, and I've crossed pretty much everything off the list.

I'm sure I'll come up with a few more, here and there, but largely, I think I've hit the wall, covering 45 years worth of stories of my life. 

The other part of the blog was to write about being the Program Director/Music Director at mvyradio, and to give a little insight into the question I get asked over and over, "How do you pick the songs?"

I can probably continue to bring you new things, and talk about the process.

But I don't think I can write every day.

A few months back, I started taking on the General Bloggers page at MVY, which is not an every day thing, but does suck up a bunch of blogging time.  And if the original reason to start this blog was to help the station, then working on the MVY blog is probably more important.

I have a few other creative ventures that I'd like try out, which are outside of the mission of the blog, but I can probably post here if I free up some time.  So if I write less, I can post more---get it?

. . . and in The End . . . there's never an end.  Even the death of John Lennon didn't prevent The Beatles from putting out a new song.  So I suspect I'll keep writing on the blog.

Just not Every Day.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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