Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vampire Weekend "Step"

I was super-curious as to how this Vampire Weekend record was going to fare, on the mvyradio Top 25 of 2013 voting.

I get the impression that our audience is split on Vampire Weekend.

Many of our older listeners, and/or folks who tune into mvyradio to hear Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen and The Blues At 8 and such, don't seem too effected by Vampire Weekend.  To some, their inclusion on our playlist may even be a little out of character.

For those who have younger-skewing tastes, or listen because they appreciate our devotion to artists like Peter Gabriel or Robert Plant or Angelique Kidjo who are making multi-layered and multi-cultural records, Vampire Weekend makes sense on MVY.

And those people feel strongly.

So this is not a record like Ray Lamontagne's, which spans a broad swath of demographic.  But it brings out a devoted following.

So how did it fare?

Once you get the logical wrangling out of the way, the answer is fairly obvious.

Vampire Weekend ended up at Number 9 on our list.  It wasn't close to being Number 1 (as it was on many major publication's lists), but it made a strong showing.

Makes sense.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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