Friday, November 22, 2013

John Forster "Entering Marion"

If someone posts a video on Facebook and I see it in my feed, I don't usually click on it, unless I'm just killing time.

But if I see that same video posted multiple times by multiple people, I figure it's worth checking out.

And that's how I came across the video below, which explains, in a regionally/appropriately profane way, how to correctly pronounce just a few of the ridiculously mis-pronounceable town names in Massachusetts.

That brought up these two songs, that are much funnier if you're from here, but still work if you're not.

Former mvy News Director Toby Wilson introduced me to "Entering Marion" years ago.  And Dana Edelman and his son now live on the Vineyard.

Enjoy.  And put it in your Facebook feed several times if you want me to click on it.

Hear "How To Properly Say Massachusetts Town Names" on Youtube.

Hear Dana Edelman's "Massachusetts Song" here (I can't embed it here).

Hear a live version the song on Youtube.

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