Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amos Lee "The Man Who Wants You"

On Monday I was filling in for Barbara Dacey during The Lunch Hour.  I'd decided to use her Essential MVY feature---where she delves more deeply into a particular artist or theme---to explore the Wilco album "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot."

At the end of the hour, as I was recapping and switching gears back to regular programming, I had a little revelation as to why I'd been making a mistake over and over.

All fall long, as I've introduced the new Amos Lee track, I'm stumbled over the title.  But saying the two titles back to back explained the reason . . .

I'd played Wilco's "I'm The Man You LOVES You," in the Wilco set, and came out of the Wilco set and into "The Man Who WANTS You" by Amos Lee.

All fall long when I've introduced the Amos Lee song, I've stumbled over "Loves," because my brain wants to say "Wants."

I'm not sure I'll get any better at not mixing the titles up.  But at least I understand why.

Hear Amos Lee on Youtube.

Hear Wilco on Youtube.

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