Monday, November 11, 2013

Bruce Springsteen "Born In The USA (Acoustic)"

Today is Veteran's Day.  Maybe you've thanked a Veteran.  But is there something more you could do?

My father-in-law passed away this fall.  In making arrangements to have him buried at the National Cemetery at Otis National Air Guard Base, we visited the V.A. in Plymouth, as they were helping with his funeral expenses.

In talking with the very kind-hearted V.A. Administrator, and in looking over his affairs, she realized that they could have helped him so much more when he was alive.

"He was eligible for a number of other benefits."

While he had gone to V.A. hospitals for his health benefits, he hadn't explored his options beyond that.  Maybe he hadn't known about them.  Maybe he was too proud to ask.  I don't know.

My father-in-law was hardly a war hero.  He spent his entire time in the service, stationed in New York.  As a photographer.

BUT, he served his country in the way that they had asked him too.  Those benefits were there for his asking.

Since that day that the V.A. we have tried to reach out to the other veterans in our life---including my wife's step-father who is a Vietnam-era combat veteran---and encourage them to visit or call the V.A.

Veterans can be eligible for assistance with supplemental income, life insurance, housing, medical and prescription expenses, home loans, education help, job placement, and yes, burial.

They may not know of the benefits available.  They may be too proud to ask.

Push them to do it.  Do it for them.  Take them down to the V.A. yourself.

Contact your local V.A. or at least start with the Veteran's Affairs website for details.

Saying "thank you for your service" is great.  Serving them as your way of saying thanks, is even better.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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