Monday, June 3, 2013

Suicide Machines "Hey!"

I was unshowered, unshaved and generally unkempt looking as I hurried into the restaurant to pick up some take-out on Saturday.  Looking the way I was, I certainly wasn't expecting a compliment.

"Dude, love the shirt."

I had to look down to remember what I was wearing.  I don't suppose I should have had to even look, since this was the shirt I put on Friday morning, wore to bed that night, and kept on, all day Saturday.

And really, there is but one shirt in my collection that elicits such a regular response, particularly from guys who'll call you "Dude."

Let's go waaay back to the year I met my wife.

It was a pretty whirlwind year.  We met at the mvyradio Big Chili Contest.  Progressed very quickly to serious.  She moved to The Vineyard to live with me within 6 months.  And before our first full year together had passed, we were shopping for engagement rings.

For our first Christmas together, she made me a little book.  It was the 2nd one she'd done.  Some very simple pictures, depicting various milestone scenes of our first (less than) year together.

Here's the picture she drew, to represent moving to the Island.

It's reasonably accurate (though I must admit, the cat was actually deeply unhappy about the move).

The one kind of funny detail is my shirt.  It says "Some Punk Rock Band."

We had a good laugh about this.  She admitted that when she was drawing the picture, she couldn't remember the actual names she'd seen on any of the handful of band shirts I owned.

I think she probably had in mind my Suicide Machines t-shirt.

But "Some Punk Rock Band" really struck me.

"We should make shirts that say that!" I joked.

Guess what she gave me, on the next present-giving occasion?

I love to wear this shirt around, and I love to get compliments on it.

Because I love telling people that my wife made it for me.

"Dude, your wife kicks ass."

Hell yeah, she does.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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