Saturday, April 27, 2013

Possum Dixon "Watch That Girl Destroy Me"

Here's another Weekend Post:

A while back, my friend Lori TB sent me a link to a site that has archived old playlists from "120 Minutes," the Alternative Music Video show on MTV that hit its peak in the 90s.  I go trolling their on occasion when I need a good Weekend Post.

I assume it is a function of my age that there are bands that I have totally forgotten about.  I mean, I looked at the name Possum Dixon about a dozen times, thinking, "Do I know who that is?  I don't.  Do I?  It sounds vaguely familiar."  Finally, I looked up the video, and yeah, I remember this.  This was a minor hit.  Like it might've even approached the Top 40.  But I'd totally forgotten it.  Maybe you never heard it.  Or maybe you've forgotten it too . . .

Hear the song on Youtube.

Weekend posts are a chance to revisit songs that have happy memories, not of anything in particular, other than just hearing the tunes.

Many of these songs were tracks that I played during my 90s stint as an Alternative/Moden Rock radio show.  They're tunes that I hardly hear these days, but are wonderful to revisit.

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