Thursday, April 11, 2013

Junip "Your Life Your Call"

Have you ever been in a room, and suddenly someone says "Did you hear that?"

And you think, "Hear what?"

And everyone else is saying, "Yeah, I heard it."

And you think, "What the hell are they talking about?"

That's kinda how I feel about Junip.

I like the tracks I've heard.  But I can't muster any passion for the band.

But clearly, I'm the guy in the room who doesn't hear it.  Because the folks at MVY who've heard this song, love it.  And the tune had a great first week on radio---dozen of stations around the country, that play similar stuff to MVY, started playing this one.  The record is being promoted by one of indie promoters who (in my opinion) has impeccable taste.  And the band is widely critically acclaimed.

So I don't hear the noise in the room, but I'm going to trust the ears around me on this one.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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