Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cayucas "High School Lover"

I was on vacation last week, which always provides a nice opportunity to discover music.

While acres of this blog are devoted to "I was doing this thing when I first heard this song," truthfully, these days most of the time I hear a song, it's because I've sat down to listen to a pile of new songs that have been mailed/emailed to MVY and are now living on my laptop.  Not quite as romantic as hearing a song on a date, or while driving with the windows rolled down in summer.

But on vacation, out of state, there a chance to listen to local radio, like the community station in Ocracoke, WOVV.  Similar to community stations around the country, shows were hosted by local folks and depending on when you tuned in, you might be in the middle of a reggae hour or a bilingual show or a run of classic country.

Ocracoke is small.  You can pretty much walk anywhere in town.  And every more we'd amble out of our cottage down to the Ocracoke Coffee Co. for a cup and a sit on their porch.

Much of what they were playing on the sound system was MVY-friendly.  We heard a lot of Avett Brothers and Van Morrison and The Beatles.

My wife started her little chair groove to a song that she realized she didn't know.  "What IS this?"

Hooray for modern technology!  She used the "Shazam" App on her phone.

"Cayucas?  Who's that?"

And here's where the happy pile of new music comes in.

"Oh, I put that on my iTunes before we left.  I haven't listened, but we have this song."

So there you go.  New music, discovered in a coffee shop.  And also right under my nose in the place I go looking for new music, every day.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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