Friday, October 28, 2011

Sarah McLachlan "Ice Cream"

If you're a doctor, then your family members are going to ask you for medical advice.

If you're a lawyer, your family members are going to ask you for legal advice.

If you're a chef, your family members are going to ask you for cooking advice.

And if you're a DJ, well, your family members are probably going to ask you if you've seen your Uncle the lawyer . . .

Yeah, I don't get asked for weighty advice that makes use of my knowledge base, too often. But it has happened.

When my sister Julie got married, she was struggling to find a wedding song for her first dance.

We were less than 24 hour away, and she was still working for it. That's when I was called in . . .

I suggested "True Companion," by Marc Cohn. Julie said that would likely cause her to cry for the whole dance.

I ran through some standard suggestions, but they were all dismissed as too cliche.

I ran through some offbeat choices, but they were dismissed as to hard to dance too.

My sister doesn't love to dance, and her husband is not a dancer at all.

"It needs to be short," was her final directive.

A doctor would go to her Medical journal. A lawyer would consult briefs. A chef might crack open a cookbook.

But a DJ . . . well this DJ has a million songs in his head.

"How about Sarah McLachlan's 'Ice Cream'?"

It was perfect. It's under 3 minutes. It's an easy-to-dance-to Waltz. And it's about dessert.

The big brother DJ proves his worth!

Happy Anniversary (this weekend) to Julie and Tim!

Hear the song on Youtube.

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