Friday, January 22, 2010

The’s “Woo Hoo”

The gist of this blog is that I pick a song at random, or sometimes not at random, and write about what it makes me think of, be it a friend or a time in my life, a question it poses or a truth it speaks to.

Unfortunately, living such a visual age, the thing that springs to mind isn’t particularly personal at all. And horrifyingly, it’s often completely commercial.

I can remember when Eric Clapton offered one of his songs for a beer commercial, some time in the 1980s. I was horrified.

I was horrified that he would take a song I liked, and attach it forever in my mind, to a product.

Even more insidious, is the now ubiquitous use of unknown songs for commercials.

I know, had I heard this elsewhere, I would have been all over this punchy little slice of kitschy pop-punk, but the first place I heard this version of "Woo Hoo" it was in a commercial. And that commercial pops to mind every time I hear the song.

It’s so depressing that I just want to drink me a Michelob.

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