Friday, December 13, 2013

Bruce Springsteen "High Hopes"

One of Bruce Springsteen's under-appreciated talents is his ability to pick covers.

Think of songs like "Jersey Girl," "Trapped," "Raise Your Hand" or "My Ride's Here."  The average person---and even many true Bruce fans---has no idea that Springsteen didn't write these tunes.

Bruce has always covered songs that not only fit his familiar themes (like his Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger covers) and his love of previous eras (like his Elvis and Little Richard covers).

But he is also very successful at finding songs the sound like he could have written them.

Such is the case with his new single, "High Hopes," originally performed by The Javalinas.  Check out these lyrics:
Monday morning runs to Sunday night
Screaming slow me down before the new year dies
Well it won't take much to kill a loving smile
And every mother with a baby crying in her arms, singing
Give me help, give me strength
Give a soul a night of fearless sleep
Give me love, give me peace
Don't you know these days you pay for everything
Got high hopes
I got high hopes
Pretty Springsteen-y, no?

Hear "High Hopes" on Youtube.

Hear the original version of "High Hopes" on Youtube.

Hear "Jersey Girl" on Youtube.

Hear "Trapped" on Youtube.

Hear "Raise Your Hand" on Youtube.

Hear "My Ride's Here" on Youtube.

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