Saturday, July 27, 2013

Amanda Shires "Devastate"

A blogger's work is never done . . .

Despite writing like 1000 posts about Newport Folk artists, there are still people I didn't get to mention.

Look and listen for Amanda Shires.

The Festival is stepping into the artist curated stage scene, using the indoor Museum Of Yachting room as a small space for performances.

Yesterday, The Low Anthem chose a series of artists to perform.

Today, Rhode Island's Joe Fletcher has put together what he calls "Nashville To Newport," bringing in some of his favorite Nashville singer-songwriters.

Amanda Shires has a new album out next week, and the singer, songwriter, player will do a short set on the MOY stage.

But I don't expect that to be all we'll see of her.  Her husband, Jason Isbell, is also on the bill today, and she regularly backs him.

Watch live video, or hear audio, and see the broadcast line-up on our site.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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