Wednesday, October 20, 2010

U2 “In A Little While”

What a weird experience it must be, for heroes to become fans.

U2 has been the biggest band in the world for so damn long, that it’s hard think of them as anything but a monolith that has always existed in the middle of the Rock N Roll square.

But they have always been generous in citing and sharing their influences, including the ones that are hard to hear any more.

When they were given an MTV Award, they used their time and their power to bring out a band they claimed was essential to the creation of U2: The Ramones.

It was a good time to recognize the band, as Joey Ramone had recently passed away, the band was no longer touring or recording and their heyday was so far removed that “the kids these days” probably knew little or nothing about the band.

A couple of years later, U2 contributed a track to a Ramones tribute record.

And you felt like U2 had done right by their forerunners honoring a group so close to their hearts.

What an amazing tribute to the band, then, to hear this news.

When Joey Ramone was in the last stages of his battle with lymphoma, on the edge of death, he asked that his favorite song be put on the stereo: U2’s “In A Little While.”

He passed while the song played.

What a tribute, when the hero honors the fan.

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