Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Kids On The Block "The Right Stuff"

Don't dish it out, if you can't take it, right?

After post about Adam Duritz in a bunny suit and Michael Stipe as Frank-N-Furter, it seems only fair to post a picture of myself.

Please enjoy is 1990-ish Halloween picture of me and my college roommates as New Kids On The Block.

That's me, in the middle back.  Billy, on the left, is supposed to be Donnie, "The Tough One."  Martin, front right, is Joey, "The Cute One."  Ken, the Norwegian, is supposed to be the brother who never really talked.

Not sure where we all got the vests.  None of us were the vest owning types. But you can see on our lapels, some stickers that came out of a NKOTB bubble gum pack. We're each wearing a picture of the New Kid we're supposed to represent, and our posture is a mimic of the picture.

Except for Kurt (in day-glo). Always ahead of his time, he didn't really want to be a New Kid, so he reimagined the group, as if Flavor Flav had replaced one of the boys. Yes, that's a digial alarm clock around his neck.

This was in our Railroad Street apartment, off-campus at UMass, where, no doubt, we had a party, got stupidly drunk, danced like idiots, and never had it better than when we were being silly, together.

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