Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weird Al Yankovic “Dare To Be Stupid”

Hitting Random on the iTunes playlist . . .

Well, it might be decidedly uncool to say so, but Weird Al Yankovic is really pretty awesome sometimes.

I know why people don’t like him. If you only know the songs that make it to MTV, then Weird Al is like that guy that you work with who tells the same 3 jokes over and over and over again. “Eat It” was a pretty funny revision of Michael Jackson’s song, but like any joke, it only is enjoyable for so many repeated listens.

Thing about Weird Al, is that rewriting lyrics only accounts for about 50 percent of his music. “Like A Surgeon” and “Another One Rides The Bus” and “Fat” account for nearly 100 percent of his radio/video hits, because they're the songs that sell.

But Weird Al writes some pretty funny original material, too. He’s a gifted parody-ist, adept at recreating styles, like the Doors- Devo-, and Talking Heads-style parodies in the music clips below.

And he’s always embraced the video genre, parodying visual styles as well as he does musical styles.

So perhaps it was inevitable that he bring those 2 worlds together, and be part of a parody of music biopics, and all their tropes.

Please enjoy, The Weird Al Story, featuring cameos from Gary Cole, Mary Steenburgen and comedian Patton Oswalt as Dr. Demento!

Indiana Jones parody

Clips from songs mentioned in this post:

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  1. A lot of Weird Al fans think his original songs are among his best. Besides Dare to be Stupid, we like Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota, Frank's 2000" TV, Hardware Store, Pancreas, Albuquerque... oh, lots of songs. All worth checking out. ~OE