Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Queen "My Best Friend"

Don't you hate it, when life kinda ruins a song you loved?

Long before we sorted through hundreds of names for our gestating children, my wife and I sorted through hundreds of titles of songs, songs to be played at our wedding.

Because we had so many favorites, we picked a number of songs to be played at key times: First dance, her dance with her Dad, my dance with my Mom, a cutting the cake song, etc, etc.

And for the first song after our first dance, the song that was to invite all our friends to the dance floor, we played Queen's "Your My Best Friend." It said a lot about how my wife and I feel about each other, and the deep friendship that resides at the core of our relationship. And it exemplifies the warmth we feel for the people around us.

But life has a way of sucking the romance out of life. And marketing has a way of sucking the life out of romance.

Among the generous hand-me-downs we've recently been given, was this very ingenious pillow. It has a wrap-around strap, so it sits on my wife's waist, as a kind of shelf. My Mom pointed out that it's not unlike an old fashioned cigarette-girl box. But it's made for breast feeding. The baby lies on the shelf, positioned just below the breast. No awkward juggling of the baby, or cramping hands necessary. It's really been great, and a much appreciated passed-on-to-us gift.

The bad news is that it's called "My Brest Friend."

And yes, every time my wife or I pick the thing up, or say "Where is the . . ." then one of us inevitably sings Queen's "Your My Brest Friend."

Sadly, it's changed my relationship with the song, for the worse.

My Brest Friend

My Best Friend

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