Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Beatles "Twist And Shout"

We're adopting new kittens from a shelter today and we're all really excited.

So excited, that we spent (what felt like) hours inside a pet store, picking out food and a carry cage and new cat toys and a litter box and etc, etc, so we'd be prepared for their arrival.

At some point, the kids lost interest in the shopping, and wanted to look at some of the pets in the store.  They checked out the fish and the mice and the snakes and the gerbils and the . . . "what are these, Dad?"


The kids got a kick out of the ferrets.  I find them pretty funny myself.

And as I was sitting there smiling, I wondered this:

"I wonder if anyone on the internet has made a 'Ferrets Bueller' video, set to 'Twist And Shout'?"

Then I realized that if you ask the question "I wonder if anyone on the internet has . . ." that no matter how you complete that sentence, the answer is probably yes.

So please, enjoy Ferrets Bueller in a video set to "Twist And Shout."

God bless the internet!

Hear the song on Youtube.

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