Friday, April 11, 2014

Serena Ryder "Stompa"

This is a terrible association to make, but I make it nonetheless.

Listen to the way that Serena Ryder says the very first word of "Stompa."


My college roommate Billy used to do this imitation of Charlton Heston, at the end of "Soylent Green," when he is shouting "Soylent Green is PEE-pull!!!"

And the way they all (Serena, Charlton, Billy) pronounce "people" with an emphasis on the "PEE" sound the same to me.

So as a result, whenever I hear "Stompa," I hear the lyrics in Charlton Heston's voice.

Sorry, Serena.

Hear Serena Ryder on Youtube.

"Soylent Green Is PEE-pull!" (wait for the end of the clip) on Youtube.

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