Friday, June 27, 2014

Robert Plant "Rainbow"

I saw Robert Plant a few years ago, and got a laugh thinking how silly some of his early Zeppelin hippie-dippy references sound (like in "Ramble On").

While it doesn't actually sound hippie-dippy or like a 60s throwback, I did have to laugh when I read that his brand new song is called "Rainbow."

You don't get much more hippie-dippy sounding than that.

Hear the song on Youtube.


  1. Seeing as I was a "hippy" in the day, could you please explain what the "hippy dippy" sound was/is? What other categories of music did you have then, and now? Just curious.

    1. If you were a true hippie, then I'm going to wager that you embraced things weighty things like anti-war, non-conformity and consciousness raising.

      I didn't say that any particular music sounded hippie-dippy. I was referencing cring-worthy lyrics.

      When someone embraces a thoughtful movement from a shallow place, it comes off as pretty silly. Like wearing a peace symbol as a fashion statement, rather than a political one.

      Quoting Tolkien, or wearing flowers in your hair, or talking like a stoner, as part of your act, without any attachment to a larger movement or reason, is pretty dippy to me.

  2. Thanks for replying, with educated and thoughtful sincerity and appropriate examples! I don't want to be "anonymous" but I don't how to use any of the options.

    Jim Singleton,