Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paul McCartney "Queenie Eye"

A few different folks on my Facebook feed posted pictures of their kid standing in front of a store, with a collection can, raising money for their junior sports teams.

I flashed back to being 8 and 9, when they'd make us dress in our full Pioneer League baseball uniform, and plunk us in front of Shaws or Kmart, and have us panhandle for change.

I looked at those pictures on my Facebook feed and thought, "That's when I started my complete hatred/fear of asking for money."

Which made me laugh.  Because I was looking at these pictures on Facebook as a way to procrastinate from preparing for the Fall Friends of mvyradio Drive.

So . . . Hey!  Would you like to donate some money to support a very important local organization?

Can I look at you with my pleading, 8 year old eyes?

Well, at least for the Friends Drive, if you make a donation of $100, we'll give you the new Paul McCartney record.

For the Pioneer League, I think they only gave you a ticket that said you donated.

So . . . WooHoo!  Paul McCartney CD!  Donate!

Yeah, it hasn't gotten any easier for me.

Hear the song on Youtube.

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