Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scatman Crothers "Yuck Mouth"

TV will rot your brain.

Not brushing will rot your teeth.

These are two things I heard quite a bit, growing up.

Now, I'm the parent, and I try to keep tabs on my kids' television viewing.

And every night, I am herding them toward the bathroom so they will brush their teeth.

Last night, to inspire them, I sang the "Yuck Mouth" song.

According to Wikipedia, this ABC-TV PSA ran from the 1970s, until the early 90s which means, (holy schnikes!) the last time it was on TV was over 20 years ago.  And truthfully, my Saturday morning cartoon watching days were a solid decade before that.

So when was the last time I heard the "Yuck Mouth" song?

And yet, I remembered it last night, word for word, and performed it with vigor, much to the bemusement of my children.

They say TV will rot your brain, but man, it seems my brain has retained some insane and random details, like the lyrics to "Yuck Mouth."

Hear the song on Youtube.

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