Monday, December 13, 2010

Meryn Cadell "The Cat Carol"

One of those things that our kids will never understand is how, waaay back in the old days of say, the 80s, if you bought an album/cd, you got all the songs and they remained in the same order. And if you didn't like a song, you'd have to manually hit the forward button and skip over it. Unless you made a mixed tape, you were pretty much stuck with the track order you were given.

It wasn't until the mid-90s that the technology started to turn, first for the industry, then for the consumer.

In the in-between time, I had a job, courtesy of my sister: Get rid of the damn Cat song!

The CD called "Christmas Songs" was a compilation containing the at-the-time-hard-to-find Barenaked Ladies/Sarah McLachlan version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," which had only been available to BNL fan club members at that point.

But my sister wanted me to get rid of this one track, "A Cat Carol," that I wasn't familiar with, because it ruined the whole album.

"The cat DIES at the end!" What kind of Christmas song is that?

So got some help from the station engineer, who showed me how I could "Burn" a CD, something I'd never done before. And I copied all the tracks from "Christmas Songs," except that one.

And the cat song can live in the stars, forever.

Tonight, I'm hosting The Hot Seat on mvyradio, with an hour of songs that are Not-exactly-in-the-Christmas-spirit. You won't be singing these carols around the tree with the kids, this year. And if you miss it tonight, next week, you'll find it in the archives.


  1. I love Craig Sherman, he is just the best guy ever!

  2. I heard that song on CBC Radio this morning and am still wishing I hadn't turned the radio on. It was so sad! My own kitty was found by a colleague after it began scratching on his door during a snowstorm. Luckily he had a much happier ending.

    I can't believe someone would write such a sad Christmas song. And now it's stuck in my head. Making me sad.